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FindShadow is a free app that uses the power of technology and Volunteers to reunite lost dogs.
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Find Shadow Lost Dog App
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Search plan for dog owner and fellow community volunteers to find a black kelpie mix dog that was lost in Brooklyn, New York

How the
app works

Post your lost or found dog to the community
Get your personalized, step-by-step action plan
Print or download a personalized street flyer
App for owner & volunteers to find black dog lost in Brooklyn, New York. Comparing photos of lost & found brown terrier dogs.Comparing two brown terrier mix dogs, a lost one named Max and another that was found by a volunteer in the community
The community helps with every single lost dog
Volunteers help match photos from shelters in the area
Send a free Dog Amber Alert to friends and family

How it all

When Shadow ran away, Brad, her owner, was lost and unsure of how to find her. It took 39 days, and the entire community to reunite them! After they reconnected, he promised to help others find their dogs too!
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Helping more
every day

Inspired by Shadow’s story, we set out to use technology and the community to help every person and dog in this situation.

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